December 19, 2008
TurnAround Couriers celebrates a record year, with heartfelt thanks and holiday greetings to our growing list of caring clients.

> A Message from Richard
Seasons Greetings from TurnAround Couriers!

Hello [fname],
I hope that you are keeping well and looking forward to a very festive holiday period!

I am pleased to tell you that 2008 has been another good year for TurnAround Couriers:

  • We became profitable in 2007 and recently gave $1,000 to Evergreen, Yonge Street Mission, our biggest source of new staff.
  • We recruited our 100th youth.
  • We celebrated a number of team mates moving on to “bigger and better” things, notably a young man who had worked with us for two years and is now enrolled at the Royal Military College in Kingston on an officer training course.
  • We have now saved taxpayers approximately $1.4 million over the past 6 years by facilitating some of our team to move out of the shelter system and some of our team to cease being dependant on social assistance payments.
  • We are now one of the biggest bike courier firms in Toronto, as measured by the number of bike couriers on our payroll at any one time.
  • We signed our first “Big Four” accounting firm – PwC – in May.
  • We added a number of other prestigious new clients to our roster, including GMP Securities, Davis LLP, KPMG LLP and Research Capital.

I am very happy that we have finally proved our original goal of running a for-profit company staffed exclusively with a target population and I am very proud of everyone who works here and has made this possible. I am also, of course, very grateful to all of our fabulous clients who have supported us to date and continue to do so!

Our objective for next year is to become the biggest bike courier firm in Toronto and to become more widely known as being the best, friendliest and fastest courier firm in the city. There are many more youth that we would like to be able to hire and help and there are many more businesses downtown that we would like to be working for: we are always very grateful to our clients for their referrals!

Thank you again for all of your support this year.

With very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2009!

Richard Derham photo

> Courier Profile
Rhode Yowart

Rhode joined TurnAround Couriers in June 2007. She was recruited through Evergreen, Yonge Street Mission and is one of our fastest bikers. Apart from the few rare times when her son is sick and unable to go to daycare, she is here working hard every day.

“I came to Evergreen (Youth Resource Centre) when I was young. I was in and out of the shelter system after I was kicked out of my parents’ house. I would go there for support, food, programs – employment and housing search. I got some jobs that were physically demanding with difficult hours – like the job before I joined TurnAround. I heard TurnAround was hiring from my son’s father (who also worked at TurnAround) so I went to Evergreen to speak with someone on how to join, and after three months of waiting, I finally joined TurnAround.

“I like working at TurnAround because I enjoy riding my bike, it shows me discipline, and it’s nice to meet new people, and hearing how we have made our clients happy with the service we provide to them on a daily basis.

“Since working at TurnAround, I have improved my living space which to me is important, especially because of my son, knowing that he has a good roof over him and things that he enjoys.

“I am currently finding a tutor to help me study for my math exam. Unfortunately, it will be hard because I work everyday and at night when I get home, I’m usually so tired. So, hopefully, I will be able to find someone that would be able to help me on weekends. This is the first thing I need to accomplish before I move forward with my career choice of joining the police force. Hopefully, once I am in the police force, I really would like to pursue being a member of the Emergency Task Force (ETF).

“In the meantime, I will still be a member of our awesome courier team until I have accomplished the things that are required for me to move forward in my life/career and enjoy watching my beautiful son grow up.”

Rhode photo

> From Our Clients

TurnAround Couriers was very pleased to begin working with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in May of this year. The Canadian national office is located in the Toronto downtown core and sends out dozens of packages each day, requiring fast and efficient service.

Robin Cory, a senior manager with the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Canada Foundation, originally heard of TurnAround Couriers and introduced the idea of using the firm to PwC’s office services team. “At PwC we are committed to our community, and we strive to use socially conscious service providers whenever possible” says Cory.  “PwC seeks quality services that not only help us do business, but also enrich our community”.

“We were impressed with TurnAround’s desire to provide assistance to youth, that’s what made us decide to use their services,” says Naomi Wray-Edie of PwC’s office services. “It was also an excellent opportunity for us to continue to give back to the community in which we live and work,” she adds. “Our business needs are paramount, and we need guaranteed on-time delivery as well as good service—we are pleased that we are getting exactly this from TurnAround Couriers”.

PwC photo
PwC Mailroom team: Roy, Rollando, Cory, Abeba, Donovan & Michael

TurnAround Couriers
TurnAround Couriers is a professional and socially responsible bicycle courier service in Toronto. We have been providing exceptional service at competitive rates while changing the lives of at-risk youth since 2002.