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We like working here because …

Afam Ume - CourierCourier

Afam Ume

Malcolm McKie - CourierCourier

Malcolm McKie

I get to see the city in a new way.

Robert Palmer - CourierCourier

Robert Palmer

It makes Toronto feel like home.

Joseph McKinnon - CourierCourier

Joseph McKinnon

It’s helped me find my way around Toronto.

Matthew Cooper - CourierCourier

Matthew Cooper

It provides me with a friendly flexible work environment and has contributed to my educational development.

Dylan Hollingsworth - Courier/DispatchCourier/Dispatch

Dylan Hollingsworth

It has given me an environment to grow and learn on the job training and business management experience.

Brandon Beatty - CourierCourier

Brandon Beatty

I like cycling and enjoy interacting with people.

Nick Vieira - Courier/DispatchCourier/Dispatch

Nick Vieira

I’ve become more multifaceted and able to adapt to issues quickly.

Melani Marbella - Office ManagerOffice Manager

Melani Marbella

It's provided me a great work-life balance.

Richard Derham - Founder and PresidentFounder and President

Richard Derham

I get to fulfill a dream of developing a new business model while also having the privilege to work with motivated energetic young people.

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